DPUís Journal of Ayurved, Homeopathy and Allied Health Sciences

: 2022  |  Volume : 1  |  Issue : 1  |  Page : 24--30

Functional assessment tools for ankylosing spondylitis: A systematic review

Shivanee Kishor Dalvi, Sandeep Babasaheb Shinde 
 Department of Musculoskeletal Sciences, Krishna College of Physiotherapy, KIMSDU, Karad, Maharashtra, India

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Sandeep Babasaheb Shinde
Department of Musculoskeletal Sciences, Faculty of Physiotherapy, KIMSDTU, Karad, Maharashtra

Ankylosing spondylitis (AS) is a chronic, inflammatory, and debilitating condition of the spine that causes pain, decreased mobility, and deformity. AS primarily affects the axial skeletal system, causing pain and stiffness in the spine, which can lead to functional impairment, disability, and a poor quality of life. AS assessment formulates an outcome measure to check the disease process and impairment in individuals, and to identify the rapid progressive ones. It also measures the effectiveness of therapies and treatment. The purpose of this review was to find the current status of the functional tools used in the assessment of AS. A systematic review was done to study the functional assessment tools in patients with AS. Articles were selected based on the relevant topics and went through the selection process. The inclusion criteria of the review were as follows: (1) functional assessment, (2) sensitivity and specificity, (3) reliability, and (4) validity. This study included 11 articles that fulfilled the inclusion criteria and suggested that functional assessment tools are important in AS. Few articles suggest that certain tools are effective in the assessment of domains like pain and physical function, whereas few articles give a good measure of pre- and post-physical therapy and pharmacological intervention. The studies used for the review consisted of scales or questionnaires, which were either qualitative or quantitative type. The reviewed studies provided evidence that it was beneficial for assessing the function. There were a lack of data available in which one assessment tool measured all the parameters of AS. In recent advances, video-based motion capture system has turned out to be an effective modern functional assessment tool in AS.

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